Why You Might Need A Engineered Septic System

The video discusses engineered septic systems and why someone might need one. One reason for a septic engineer is the high water on the table. In that situation, there isn’t enough room to get the four feet of sand beneath the drain field before the seasonal high water table hits.

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Therefore, they cannot guarantee that the water will be completely clean before it reaches its destination. Another reason is poor soil type. Elevation differences and the distance between where the septic tank might be and where the drain field needs to be installed could cause a problem as well. For example, the drain field might be a quarter of a mile away from the septic tank if there is a very large property.

The most common problem is the first one, where there isn’t enough room in the ground to get adequate drainage for the water to get clean before it gets back to the water table.

During some of the initial tests, the engineers will discover that they have to elevate the system because of the above-mentioned issues. Sometimes the system has to be elevated an entire foot higher than usual. The system might then be seen coming a little bit out of the ground.

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