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Going Without Car Insurance Is Like Having Two Accidents

Written by Insurance Magazine. Posted in Individual coverage, Life insurance, Long term care protection

When you are standing in the nearest smartphone store and contemplating over the new smartphone or car insurance, it can feel pretty enticing to choose the smartphone. And it is understandable. Car insurance does not feel as useful as the power of a smartphone–it is a necessity in this day and age to own one. But you do not need to latest and greatest smartphone. Instead, practice self control and balance the two. Buy a decent smartphone and buy car insurance. The next time someone sideswipes (hopefully, that does not happen) your car you will wish you had insurance.

But that is not the only situation you would need insurance for. There are several types of insurance to consider, even insurance for renters. Let us break them down for you and their benefits.

Going Without Car Insurance is like Having Two Accidents

First off, it is a requirement to have auto insurance (except you, New Hampshire and Virginia), but in those states you will still get hit with a fee. Eith