What Will Your Family Do If You Are Injured and Can No Longer Work?

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We live in uncertain times. For instance, a person can be working and making a good living one day, and the situation can change in an instant. A fall at work. A mechanical accident that causes you to lose the full use of your dominant hand. With that accident, what was once a stable income can evaporate in just a day. With the help of long and short term disability insurance, however, the injured party has access to several resources. From paying for doctor’s bills and physical and occupational therapy appointments, to making sure that the injured party has a back up income to pay daily bills. And while life insurance plans help families recover when a life is lost, short term disability insurance benefits help individuals recover when a life is limited by injury.
What is short term disability insurance?
In many cases, employers help provide some insurance benefits for accidents that happen on the job. In the form of a workers compensation plan, for instance, an employer is covered when an accident happens at work. Short term disability insurance, on the other hand, is the employee’s way to plan for a future that might be affected by an accident that keeps a person from working.
What is short term disability insurance used for?
From doctor’s bills to daily living expenses, a short term disability plan can help injured persons bridge the financial gap that occurs when they are unable to work. Even if you are injured and unable to work, your bills still continue to accumulate. Experienced insurance agents and financial planners can help you understand the amount of long and short term disability insurance that you need to have.
What other kinds of insurance help Americans prepare for uncertain futures and financial difficulties?
Knowing what is short term disability insurance can be beneficial, but there are many other kinds of insurance that can also help individuals and businesses alike. Consider some of these statistics about the insurance options that many people take advantage of:

  • 60% of Americans own some type of life insurance. Another 34% of Americans report a likelihood of making a life insurance plan purchase within the next year.
  • 21% of Americans said they had self paid medical expenses of $2,000 or more in the past year, according to the The Commonwealth Fund in 2014.
  • 66% of all health care costs in America are for treating chronic illnesses. For older Americans, 95% of health care costs are for chronic diseases, according to The State of Aging and Health in America 2013 Report.
  • From as little as $10,000 to benefits that pay in the millions, life insurance policies can be purchased at almost any benefit increment.
  • Medicare benefit payments totaled $597.2 billion in the year 2014, according to the Congressional Budget Office 2015 Report.
  • Affordable term life insurance plans are an increasingly popular approach that an increasing number of Americans are investing. In fact, 40% of Millennials showed some level of interest in a life/long term care. Another 25% of all consumers indicate they would be interested in such insurance products.

In today’s uncertain times, it is important to have the necessary insurance plans to protect yourself and your family.

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