The Benefits of Insurance Magazines

Insurance magazine

If you wish to read magazines about insurance, you may be surprised that several insurance magazines exist. Contrary to popular perception, insurance magazines document an ever changing industry. From the early days of exchanges to modern derivative insurance, insurance magazines represent a way to learn about a most dynamic industry just by reading about it.

The history of insurance is no doubt chronicled in insurance magazines. After all, insurance is a relatively modern invention. While some form of insurance has existed since the time of ancient Babylon, modern insurance did not begin until the late 1600s. Then, a group of merchants and financiers met at a coffeehouse in London to underwrite insurance on ships. Those meetings, which evolved into Llyods of London, gave birth to the largest insurance exchange in the world.

Insurance magazines document all sorts of industry trends. There are no doubt stories on casualty and property insurance, as well as life insurance and other forms. The best insurance magazines will cover the newer forms of insurance as well. For instance, there has been a huge growth in monoline insurance, or insurance that pays outstanding bond principal and interest payments in the event of a default. Used mostly by municipalities, these sleepy agencies have seen credit downgrades in recent years.

The best insurance magazines also cover the finances of insurance industries. The insurance market is always very liquid, and has financial operations that rival those of investment banks. Most insurance companies make rather ordinary investment decisions, but a few make spectacular mistakes. AIG, which invested much of its portfolio in credit default swaps, nearly went insolvent if it were not for a giant government bailout.

Reading insurance magazines illuminate you about an incredible industry. Full of fun, intrigue and money, the insurance industry is a great way to rejuvenate your mind. Pick up insurance magazines today, and see what the fuss is about.

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