Magazines About Insurance Educate Readers on Industry

Magazines about insurance

Are you an insurance trader or underwriter? Are you looking for trends relevant to your industry, often from other peers? If so, consider searching for magazines about insurance. Not only do magazines about insurance alert you to nascent industry trends, but they also help connect you with your peers, and see what industry best practices you can develop together.

Magazines about insurance reflect the social nature the industry has always had. In 1689, a coffeehouse named Lloyds opened on Tower Street in London. Investors and shipowners often met there for this exotic new drink, and they would discuss terms of insurance for outgoing cargoes. Overtime, the coffeehouse evolved into Lloyds of London, the largest insurance and reinsurance marketplace in the world, and still a leader in the maritime insurance industry.

Magazines about insurance often reflect the social nature of the industry. At their most basic level, magazines about insurance offer profiles on usual insurers or traders. For instance, many traders hear stories about policies for some celebrity tongue, or for vocal cords for an opera singer, or life insurance special in case of death from a boa constrictor. There are even underwriters for drivers in the Paris Etoile, the only intersection in Europe many car insurance companies exclude from policies. Magazines about insurance will profile these underwriters, and how they made the actuarial calculations to determine the policy.

Of course, magazines about insurance covers classes of insurance as well. Take bond insurance, a hot issue in the economy of today. Bond insurance guarantees scheduled payments of principal and interest in the event of a default. As U.S. municipalities with shaky finances are by far the largest consumer of these policies, bond insurers have a great challenge staying solvent. Good magazines about insurance can cover these challenges.

So if you want to connect with your peers or see industry trends, find insurance magazines. Not only can magazines about insurance help you with financial decision making, but also enrich you. After all, that is what makes any magazine worth reading.

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