How to Create Your Will Quickly

Creating a will isn’t high on many people’s to-do lists. According to a survey by, 70% of US citizens don’t have a will.

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However, according to the narrator of this video, people can make a valid will quickly without an attorney. They can take a piece of paper and write their will down, albeit they need to follow the correct format. How can someone create a valid will quickly?

The first step to creating a will quickly is finding somewhere to write the will. It could be a book or plain paper. Make sure to then date your paper properly, as this is a legal document you are creating.

Next, the person should start the will with their full names and expressly state revocation of any other wills they had written beforehand.

Then the person should assign the beneficiaries by listing their names. For instance, their spouse, children, siblings, etc.

Next, the person should name an executor of the will, usually the spouse or the eldest child. The executor is important and will ensure the person’s wishes are fully honored. Depending on the person’s wishes, the executor can be bonded or without bond.

Finally, the person should sign the document at the bottom, legally binding their will. .

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