Afraid Of A Break-In Or A Fire? Apply For Renter’s Or Homeowner’s Insurance

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Do you have reliable home and auto insurance? If the answer is no then there’s no better time to start, as disasters strike when you least expect it and you want to be prepared financially and emotionally all days of the week. While it can seem difficult to find affordable home and auto insurance, the fact of the matter is that there are a variety of accessible options that can fit your budget and give you peace of mind throughout your busy schedule. Below is a comprehensive list of different insurance types and what you should know when applying for a financial buffer in your life.

Car Insurance

Let’s start off with auto insurance. It’s recommended you keep a form of affordable auto insurance on your vehicle at all times, as gaps in coverage can be a sign to companies that you’re a risky customer and can impede your ability to rent a car or apply for a loan. Poor behavior, such as speeding tickets or driving under the influence, will raise your auto insurance rates. Young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have the highest auto insurance rates out of any age group and, as such, many companies offer discounts to encourage better driving habits. Private insurers pay an estimated 50% of all motor vehicle crash costs and some insurance companies will offer discounts to hybrid vehicles due to their lower proximity of being involved in an accident.

Home Insurance

The most important and often neglected aspect of homeowner’s insurance is double-checking whether or not the carrier covers natural disasters such as tornadoes, hail and high-velocity winds. While floods and earthquakes are more commonly covered, it’s still smart to review your policy and make sure you won’t have any nasty surprises awaiting you should worst come to worst. A 2012 survey saw nearly 8% of insured homes having a claim and, over the past eight years, half of all homeowners said they prepared an inventory of their possessions to better document potential losses to their insurers.

Renter’s Insurance

Last, but certainly not least, you can apply for renter’s insurance. A 2014 Insurance Information Institute poll conducted by ORC International saw over 90% of homeowners applying for affordable homeowner insurance but only 37% of renter’s having their own carrier. Renter’s insurance can be as little as $10 per month and will cover everything from a loss of possessions due to a break-in or fire as well as surrounding damage caused by storms and hail. If you’re considering applying for renter’s, home and auto insurance, meet with your local insurance company and ask about their affordable insurance policy.

Applying For Insurance

It’s understandable to be wary of spending yet more monthly expenses when you already have rent, bills and loans to attend to. However, a disaster or break-in won’t wait for the ‘right time’, making home and auto insurance one of the most sound investments you can make in your day-to-day life. Make sure you have good credit score, as low scores can suggest to carriers you’re untrustworthy and impede your ability to get quality rates. Auto insurance quotes are helpful to give you a general idea of where your money will go, though you should ask any and all questions you have to make sure you’re caught up on your coverage. Rain or shine, home and auto insurance is there to make sure an inconvenience doesn’t become a future disaster.

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