The Wedding Planners Guide to Event Planning Insurance

Growing your wedding planning business entails many wonderful, creative things. But you always need to keep in mind the importance of the practical issues that need your attention as well. Event planner insurance is a vital part of any wedding or event planning business. This video discusses the main reasons that you have to have wedding planner insurance.

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The first reason that the video mentions is to do with “murphy’s law” — this refers to the inevitability that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Knowing this, you must cover all contingencies to protect you and your clients in case there is an accident, damage, or another issue that goes wrong during the wedding or wedding planning process. Things that can go wrong are bodily injury, damage to equipment or property, and more.

The next reason that you should be sure to have event insurance is that most venues will require liability coverage to protect themselves and their property. So not only will not having insurance put you and your clients at risk, it will drastically limit your access to some beautiful, amazing venues. Be sure to enrol in event planner insurance today!


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