The Power of Good Customer Management

Insurance websites

There are more than 100 billion internet searches each month worldwide. These staggering numbers contribute to the growing importance of effective search engine optimization (SEO) and insurance web design for your agency. SEO practices are not overly difficult, but they need to be done correctly. You get that guarantee from an insurance web site design company who has experience helping insurance agents market their brand and manage their leads.

Seventy percent of links that search users click on are natural. This is why the insurance web design firm that you choose should know how to get your site at the top of those rankings. If executed correctly, search engine optimization tools and strategies could lead to a potential 2,000 percent increase in site traffic to your insurance web design. Increases of this kind of traffic could translate into a 40 percent potential increase in revenue.

In addition to insurance web design, having effective customer relationship management (insurance CRM) systems in place are vital to your operations. CRM dictates how you will interact with your current and future customers, including marketing and customer service operations. When it comes to insurance leads, CRM can track your leads as the go through your sales pipeline, alerting you when it is time to contact them, etc. Although an insurance agency CRM is important, it need not be complicated.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, as of 2011 there were 6,296 insurance companies in the United States. Insurance carriers and their related activities were valued at $405 billion in 2010. Having a successful CRM solution and insurance web design can help you get a bigger slice of that $405 billion pie.

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