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Insurance magazines

Insurance goes all the way back to the Scottish Enlightenment, when a group of ministers got together to create a fund that would provide a pension for the widows of other ministers, an important task when they average lifespan of a Presbyterian minister was in the mid 30s range. Insurance has become more up to date since then, though it is hard to say that it has become more efficient. Through their mathematical models, the two ministers who founded the fund were able to predict how much they would need to within a single guinea.

Insurance magazines today probably wish that they could be that accurate, but, in their defense these magazines about insurance are dealing with a much broader range of issues. Insurance magazines cover topics ranging from health insurance to homeowners insurance and life insurance. Of course, all of these types of insurance can be difficult to afford for many people. There are a lot of people, for instance, who cannot afford adequate health insurance.

Nonetheless, insurance magazines can provide a lot of people with the resources that they need to live a better, healthier lifestyle. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to use these resources in the future. Insurance magazines can greatly improve the well being of people who need them.

Of course insurances magazines should include diverse options for people who live in different geographical areas. For example, the welfare needs of someone living in a coastal area frequently afflicted by hurricanes will be quite a bit different than those of people who are living in an inland area which is occasionally hit by tornadoes. And living in New York can also greatly increase the price of healthcare as opposed to living in someplace like Texas. Insurance magazines should be prepared to address the needs of everyone in every situation, or at least to make clear what people they are intending to reach.

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