Insurance Policies Can be Both Complicated and Confusing

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Your husband is not going to forget his first half marathon anytime soon!
The two of you were only two and a half miles in before the rain started, just drizzling at first. Another mile past those initial drops before the heavens really opened up. The wind and heavy, pelting rain mixed with some lightning for good measure, and you had a race that will always be memorable.
Even with all that drama, however, they two of you ran a good, even race and both of you earned a PR!! You are thankful that your husband had been such a good training buddy these last few months, but you are not certain that you will get him to sign up again for such a long race. You are convinced though that he might be committed to the new healthy lifestyle.
In today’s world where more and more people live sedentary lifestyles, the decision to commit to a running plan or another kind of physical activity can help you make the transition to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, as a way to encourage healthier habits, many insurance services offer incentives for people who track their activities and their calories. With weight check ins and fitness testing, in fact, some companies offer employees bonuses for a designated number of consecutive days of exercise.
Are You Choosing a Medical Insurance Provider in the Near Future?
Whether you are looking at life insurance policies or medical insurance plans, the process can be both complicated and time consuming. For this reason many insurance providers now offer educational sessions where future policy holders can look at all of the available options and make the most informed decision.
In today’s political climate it is difficult to feel confident about the future of the current healthcare system. When, in fact, 21% of Americans said they had out-of-pocket medical expenses exceeding $2,000 or more in the past year, according to The Commonwealth Fund, 2014, it is no wonder that people are concerned about having the right kind and the right amount of coverage.
Unfortunately, the U.S. has the highest rates of chronic health conditions, including both diabetes and heart disease. Even more alarming is the fact that 87% of older Americans report at least one chronic illness, and the fact that 68% of people in this same group reported two or more, according to the same 2014 The Commonwealth Fund study.
Given that today more than 66% of all health care costs are for treating chronic illnesses, it is no wonder that everyone from doctors to employers to healthcare providers are promoting the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The fact that 95% of healthcare costs for older Americans are for chronic diseases, according to The State of Aging and Health in America 2013 report, our nation has a long way to go before they are considered physically fit.
You do not need to run a half marathon to improve your health, but you do need to commit to following a better plan for eating healthy and getting the right amount of exercise.

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