Four Commonalities Among Most Magazines About Insurance

Insurance magazine

Most magazines about insurance are read by insurance people themselves. So what do these magazines cover, and what are they all about? Here, we hope to get to the bottom of what could commonly be found in these magazines about insurance. Some things we found are obvious, while others are less obvious and more interesting tidbits for those in the insurance profession.

One, most magazines about insurance are expressly targeted to insurance industry professionals who sell and offer insurance to clients. These insurance magazines then cover the top trends that most across the industry are currently experiencing, which helps some agents rediscover themselves and others do a much better and more proficient job of helping out their own clients. These trends are discussed in very great detail as well, which helps everyone in the insurance industry.

Two, most magazines about insurance are directly mailed to these insurance professionals, giving them a monthly or quarterly resource to depend upon for their insurance advice. Of course, the Internet always has interesting articles, but an insurance magazine will delve much more deeply into these topics. The writers here have taken every attempt to report on all trends affecting the industry, and so these articles have lots of quotes in them and are very professionally done.

Three, most magazines about insurance are free. And while these insurance professionals could rightfully afford these publications, it shows how willing these publishers are to give out this advice and this information at no cost to insurance agents and other professionals within the industry. These magazines are very adept at reporting excellent news, at covering trends and at securing advertising that is highly targeted to these industry leaders, so the costs are normally covered. Subscriptions, then, typically are gratis and require only the basics of a subscriber’s information, including just a name and address in certain instances.

Four, most magazines about insurance are available online. This helps to complement the point earlier about how online articles about insurance trends are trying to compete with these magazines for business. Well, now that most magazines about insurance are largely accessed via the Internet, it makes the point almost entirely moot. Now that these magazines about insurance are posted online, many with different slants on articles and some with additional topics that may not appear in the print versions of these magazines, insurance leaders and representatives have their resources both in print and online.

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